Conservation services

archives, boxes, exhibitions, etc.

Conservation measures in documents and works of art on paper claim to remove and neutralize harmful materials and agents in contact with the object. Removing such as dust and dirt should be done regularly to avoid weakening and deterioration of documents and books. In artworks should eliminate harmful and acidic adhesive mounts and rear strips of wood and cardboard.

In a second phase a microenvironment around our object is created conservation materials. For footage boxes and envelopes that protect against environmental agents, intrinsic acidity and damage caused by displacements and inquiries are made. Artworks in museum quality neutral cartons that meet the standards LDK 24-85 are used, DIN 6738 and DIN ISO 9706 and inert materials in assemblies.

El diagnóstico y la valoración de presupuestos realizamos de forma gratuita y colaboramos en todos los tramites necesarios para la solicitud de subvenciones

Recent conservation works

Proceso de desacidificado

Para la desacidificación del soporte disponemos de instalaciónes de enriquecimiento de agua con CaCO3. La capacidad de 100 l/h permiteuna […]

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