Poster restoration

Linen mounting

We do linen mounting for poster since 1996. In our paper workshop we do poster restoration like flattening, cleaning and reduction of stains and tapes. As profesional restorer we do all restorations with proofed materials and methods.

The main problem in the conservation of posters is their size and fragility of the paper. Many posters were due to the difficulty of storing folded and show tears especially on the edges and folds. The traditional form of lamination with fine Japanese paper or with white Japanese paper and cotton fabric and pure wheat starch is the best preservative method for these large objects. In particular, the possibilities by shipping of large rolled poster is apreciated by collectors and dealers.

In the U.S., this form of conservation is particularly widespread. Most of the posters suffer some damages over the years. Folding and tears are the most comon damages we can find and on old and thin posters. Typically tears or wrinkles that existed before mounting may become much less noticable with linen mounting. The linen mounting also provides a support for restoration of damaged or missing areas. This conservation process is fully reversible if it is desired to remove the poster.


Recent restoration work

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Cartel de una exposición de Matisse, 1950.

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Las aventuras de jaimito

Cartel de cine de la película “Las aventuras de Jaimito”. Presentaba desgarros, perdida de soporte y suciedad generalizada.

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