Restoration services

archives, artworks, paper, posters, parchment, etc.

We restore all types of archive material, books and graphic art on paper and parchment with losses or damages by weakening. To carry out our work on the wide variety of damages we own a complete technical equipment and an experience of many years to make the required processes effectively and secure.

We work according to the current state of art and we incorporate continuously new materials and methods of restoration in our laboratory. The diagnosis and evaluation of budgets we will do for free with a short description and some fotos.


The diagnosis and assessment of budgets performed for free and collaborate in all the necessary paperwork to apply for grants



  • Dirt and stains
  • Weakening of paper acidity
  • Stand loss due to insect attack
  • Weakening of iron gall ink corrosion
  • Attacks microorganisms
  • Cracks, creases and losses
  • Damage caused by floods



  • Mechanical Cleaning
  • Decontamination of spores and fungi.
  • Acidified water enriched with CaCO3 or MgCO3 or free media H2O.
  • Neutralization of catalytic processes iron gall ink
  • Lost the support reintegration of pulp paper or Japanese paper.
  • Consolidation of support and lamination.
  • Binding Restoration
  • Conservation bindings


  • Manuscripts on paper and parchment documents
  • Manuscripts, incunabula and printed books
  • Posters and Maps
  • Prints, serigraphs and drawings all paper
  • Binding


Recent restoration work

Restoration of an old school map

The restoration of old maps from schools is a common work in our restoration workshop. These graphic objects are usually […]

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Cartel de una exposición de Matisse, 1950.

Cartel de 1950 de una exposición de la sala Matisse de Valencia. Presentaba desgarros, cinta adhesiva y manchas del adhesivo […]

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Las aventuras de jaimito

Cartel de cine de la película “Las aventuras de Jaimito”. Presentaba desgarros, perdida de soporte y suciedad generalizada.

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